Hole Descriptions

Hole #1

Par 4 373 yards

Hole number 1 starts out as a pretty straight forward Par 4. With trees lining the immediate left sides of the fairway a nice draw will put you in perfect position about 100 yards out. From there you a left with a straight shot at the 45 yard green with bunkers lining the left side of the green. Depending on the pin position you may have to choose which tier to land your ball on to leave yourself that easy birdie putt to start off the round. 


Hole #2

Par 5 477 yards

This par 5 is your first real chance to break out your driver and crush the ball. At 477 yards and a wide open fairway you can decide which shots you want to take off the tee depending on your preferred ball flight.  Planning for your approach shot is key on the hole, with only 34 yards of green to work with. Bunkers are both on the front side of the green and the backside of the green so your second shots are very important on this hole. This is the easiest rated hole on the course and if you have the distance, getting up and down will be your toughest part of the hole.


Hole #3

Par 4 324 yards

This green is drivable if you can play a slight draw.  The presence of our giant Canyon oak about 60 yards out proves to be an obstacle if your drives remain on the left side of the fairway. Off the tee gambling with your driver to put you up close to the green for an easy up and down birdie can pay off; though clubbing down off the tee will allow you with an easy shot at par.


Hole #4

Par 4 282 yards

This hole is the shortest par four on the course.  Standing from the elevated tee box looking over the fairway it gives you the option of driving and landing it on the green. With a length of only 33 yards your landing area is small and tough to stop on the green.  The fairway itself has a slight dog leg right with a nice fairway rolling right up to the green. Lined on the left with out of bounds as well as the many mature trees keeping it in the fairway is a task on this hole.  The danger zone of this hole is right of the fairway where there are a grove of oak trees that is below the green which leaves you with a chip that you must get over the bunker right in front of the hole.


Hole #5

Par 3 149 yards

The first par 3 of the day is a straight shot at our 3 tiered green. There are bunkers on the front left side of the green extending down the left side which proves to be troublesome off the tee.  To the left of this bunker is 25 yards of rough that proves to be a good landing ground if you are fortunate enough to miss the bunker.


Hole #6

Par 4 329 yards

One of the tougher holes on the course consists of a dog leg left off of the elevated tee box. From the tee it is tough to see the green due to a large mature pine tree on the left side of the fairway surrounded by some smaller trees that are tough to get through.  Right side of this fairway is safe and gives you a good look at the green.  The green is elevated above the fairway and is more likely to slowly roll down the front of the green back towards you if you don’t land the ball properly on the putting surface.


Hole #7

Par 3 175 yards

Our toughest par 3 on the course with 175 yards to the green.  Though it is one of the longest greens on the course with 43 yards in length, the trouble lies immediately to the right of the green with 2 bunkers that seem to be the landing spot for some of the intermediate golfers.  That isn’t the only trouble on this hole, the right side of the green has hills that feed the ball to the middle of the green and prove to be tough to get up and down on if you’re stuck behind them with the bunkers taunting you on the other side of the green.


Hole #8

Par 4 396 yards

Hole 8 is the second toughest hole on this course a long dog leg left has no safety on the left side of the hole, but the right side is wide open.  With a slight draw off the tee you leave yourself in prime location for your approach shot and you can make it to the green, though by playing it safe on the right side, you may have made the hole slightly longer and gives you a tougher shot at the pin, especially if you want to make it to the green in regulation. 


Hole #9

Par 5 523

This hole has one of the best views on the course from the elevated tee box.  Intimidating back to back par 5’s are up ahead and which may leave you a little nervous, but the view solves that issue. Coming into the turn on 9 you see a mix of Pine trees and Oaks lining the 9th fairway with a few stragglers that lie right in the landing zone for a good drive.  Your drive must make it through the narrowest part of the fairway and then everything opens up for the rest of the hole.  From your second shot you run into the first and last  glimpse of water on your round.  This hazard lines the last 200 yards of the fairway and extends up to the left side of the green.  The green is 35 yards long and has water on the left, a bunker in the back, and little hills on the right side of the green that elevates it and makes the hole a lot tougher.


Hole #10

Par 5 500 yards
This is by far the toughest hole on the course because of distance and hazards on your path to the green.  With a bunker on the left side of the fairway and a tree right in the middle it leaves a narrow path for your way to the further parts of the fairway.    Greenside bunkers surround the 3 tiered green on the left with a few little hills on the right.


Hole #11

Par 3 133 yards
Greenside bunkers surround both the left and right side of this short par 3.  At only 133 yards this makes for a perfect little par 3, and with a good tee shot you may be only a few feet away from a birdie putt.


Hole #12

Par 4 359 yards
This is a pretty straight forward hole with a slight dog leg to the left.  Your drive will roll very well with the slight downhill fairway that feeds into the green. The two tiered green will allow for a variety of shots on your approach to the green.

Hole 13

Hole #13

    Par 3 136 yards
Hole 13 is another short par 3 with a greenside bunker on the left side of the green along with some rough to the right hand side.  Missing short isn’t the worst thing you can do because the ball can feed up to the green.  Even a shot missed right to left can still allow you an easy up and down for par.

Hole #14

Hole #14

Par 4 386 yards
This hole you can really play it any way you’d like, it’s a straightforward par 4 with a slightly elevated fairway that goes a little up hill.  The hole has a slight dogleg to the left, though there are trees lining both sides of the fairway your fairway is wide open for a variety of different shots that you can decide to take off of the tee or on your approach shots.

hole 15

Hole #15

Par 4 403 yards
This is a 400 yard par 4 that you feel like you can drive the green on.  The dogleg right is great for a little fade on the ball, not to mention the fairway rolls downhill to the green.  The only hazard to watch out for is a giant Oak tree that is on the left side of the fairway. Once you’re past that you don’t have to worry about any greenside bunkers, you get to just focus on getting your ball in the hole.

hole 16

Hole #16

Par 3 135 yards
The 5th and last par 3 of the day is a straightforward par 3 that allows you a great shot at the green.  The hole has a greenside bunker on the left hand side of the green, with little hills on the back side of it that allow the ball to roll back towards the green during the summer time. This green allows for some exciting putting opportunities for your birdie or par attempts.

Hole 17

Hole #17

Par 5  453 yards
This hole is a good par 5 with the fairway that is split by the canyon that runs through the course.  Drives on this hole will allow you roll an extra 10-20 yards to the edge of the canyon for your second shot.  From there you have a good look at the green that is still reachable in 2 shots.  Though there are some greenside bunkers you can easily get up and down out of. 

Hole 18

Hole #18

Par 4 373 yards
This is the most fun hole to watch your drive just sail away on. You tee off from an elevated tee box that sits at the edge of the canyon you cross on Hole 17 and off into a wide open fairway.  From there the fairway runs up right to the front of the 35 yard long green.  This leaves you lots of room to work with on your final approach shot of the day.

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