Club Repair

Do you have a club that out performs all of the others in your bag or maybe a club that you have never been able to hit consistently well? Our club fitters will measure every specification for each club in your bag including head weight, grip weight, shaft weight, frequency, flex, length, loft; lie angle, face angle, bounce, total weight, offset, and swing weight so that we can identify any inconsistencies in your set and make every club feel like your favorite.

Let our sales staff help you find the equipment that best suits your game.

Free custom fitting with your purchase. *Up to a $35.00 value*

Bring in your pre-owned clubs for trade in evaluation by our club fitter.  We utilize industry standard value guides so that you get the best deal for your trade-in. Receive credit towards the purchase of your new clubs.

Custom Fitting:

Our experienced club fitters will match you with equipment that fits with your body, swing properties, and style of play.

Iron Set:        $35.00
Putter:  $30.00
Metalwoods/Hybrids/Wedges: $20.00
Premiere Set Analysis: $50.00
Regripping: $5.00 & $3.00 with Grip Purchase
Reshafting: $10.00, $15.00 for bore-thru
Regrooving: $5.00
Lengthen Shaft: $4.00
Shorten Shaft: $4.00
Loft/Lie Adjustment: $4.00
Iron/Wedge Paint Fill: $4.00
Frequency Analysis: $4.00


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